Tile Installation Guide

Stone White Tiles allow you to conveniently change your house elegant as well as contemporary at very little initiative. If you look for a fast way to revamp any type of surface in your home, you must attempt these natural rock panels.

Quick review

Stone White Tiles are in fact a collection of comparable level rocks that are mounted onto a basic dimension mesh backing. These small sleek rocks are mostly gathered from the beaches of different South East Asian Islands. Where can you use it? Almost anywhere inside as well as outside your home: Shower bases & backsplashes, kitchen area wall surfaces & countertops, sink wall surfaces, and also floors.

Quick advantages as well as benefits

Just what is in it for us?

  • Easy to be changed if required.
  • Available in various shades as well as shapes that can conveniently fit virtually any type of surface and also space setup.
  • It can easily be gotten used to very tiny/ slim surfaces where other repaired size ceramic tiles such as traditional ceramic tiles can not.
    Tips you intend to remember!
  • Don’t hurry! – make a strategy; make sure you recognize ways to install these panels, also make a small test first just to see that you could manage it without trouble.
  • Using cement needs to be taken care of very carefully so it is suggested to grout a little location each time.
  • A lot of recommended cement is sanded grout – it is suitable for both inner as well as external use.


Pebble White Shingles installment just obtained less complicated as well as much faster over the last few years, so it needs minimum effort and time in your corner. We could provide lots of various other vital benefits offered by this trendy house renovating technique, simply due to the fact that it supplies many opportunities for professional and unprofessional installers whether they enhance at home or in the office. Needs to it be your very first-time installment, it is recommended to keep in mind the above suggestions before installing these rock panels.