Choosing Frieze Carpet For Your Home Improvements

Carpet is a common feature to replace in your home due to wear and tear and changes in styles. Frieze carpet is a very popular choice to choose when replacing carpet or when installing carpet into a newly built home. This type of carpet has individual fibers that curl together to produce a look similar to that of shag carpeting. This is why it is sometimes referred to as Shag or California Shag. However, it is different than the true shag carpet that has been very popular in the past. This type of carpet is made with shorter coils and fibers-making it a better choice than true shag carpet. Because the individual fibers coil together, this type of carpet is known for its resilience, making it great for high-traffic areas. It doesn’t show footprints, dirt, or stains as easily as other styles of carpet.

Frieze carpets come in many different colors and patterns. Because of the coil, this type of carpet doesn’t come in very extravagant designs or patterns but does come in more simple patterns. This type of carpet can come in either solid or flecked color options. The solid color accentuates the twist the fibers create. But with solid colors, stains and dirt show much easier. The fleck has multiple colors in the carpet that aids in hiding soil and traffic stains. This helps create a fresh look that lasts longer. It’s good to remember that even though the carpet looks clean, it doesn’t mean it isn’t in need of vacuuming. It’s important to vacuum at least weekly to keep the carpet in good condition. Frieze carpet prices can run anywhere from $1.64 per square foot ($14.77 per sq. yard) to $2.95 per sq. foot ($27.00 per sq. yard) depending on the carpet fibers used to make it, the color, and the store you are purchasing it from. This type of carpet can be more expensive than other options (like non-textured carpets that have a shortcut pile) but because of the durability, it usually lasts longer than those options that would save some money in the beginning.

If you have decided the type of carpet you wish to use is frieze carpeting, the next step is to pick out the color and style you want. Many times individuals will choose a pattern and color they love and once they get it home realize that it clashes with the furniture or other colors in the room. To avoid this stress, many of the stores have frieze carpet samples they will allow you to take home in order to get a better idea of how it will look in the room. There are also many sources online or at stores that have frieze carpet reviews that you can use to get a broad idea of the quality of the carpet brand that you are interested in. Overall, frieze carpeting is very resilient, very durable, great for high traffic areas, and comes in many varieties enabling you to get exactly what you want for your home!